Historical Novels


Boys of Wartime Series

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Will at the Battle of 
Gettysburg, 1863
Dutton Children’s Books, 2011 
ISBN-13: 978-0525-42145-0

Winner of the Beacon of Freedom Award

Twelve-year-old Will wants to be a drummer in the Union army, but he’s stuck far from the fighting in his sleepy hometown of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Then the Union and Confederate armies converge on Gettysburg, and suddenly Will and his family are caught up in the battle.

From delivering important messages and helping the wounded and even saving a young soldier’s life, Will takes readers on a firsthand trip through one of the Civil War’s most significant battles.

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Will at the Battle of Gettysburg Teacher's Guide.pdfhttp://www.wrl.org/books-and-reading/youth/beacon-freedom-awardHistorical_Novels_files/Will%20at%20th%20Battle%20of%20Gettysburg%20Teacher%27s%20Guide.pdfHistorical_Novels_files/Will%20at%20th%20Battle%20of%20Gettysburg%20Teacher%27s%20Guide.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2
Michael at the Invasion of
 France, 1943
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-0-8037-3724-2

“The action is intense . . .”
School Library Journal

When the Nazis invade Paris, Michael, a thirteen-year-old French-American, wants to be part of the Resistance. Starting small, vandalizing Nazi propaganda and refusing to hail Hitler, Michael works his way into the full-blown Resistance , escorting American aviators to safe houses and delivering important spy documents. But when an injured pilot needs help to escape France, and the Gestapo comes knocking, will Michael be brave enough to complete the mission?

For the Teacher’s Guide, click here:
Michael Teacher's Guide.pdf
Daniel at the Siege of
 Boston, 1776
Dutton Children’s Books, 2010  
Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-0525421443
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0142417508

““Daniel’s exciting and nerve-racking role 
in the Revolutionary War makes for breathless, page-turning reading.” 
Winston-Salem Journal

Twelve-year-old Daniel Prescott cheered when the Sons of Liberty dumped English tea into Boston Harbor. Then King George sent his soldiers to take over Boston and its port. Now Daniel’s home is a city under siege.

When his father slips away to join the rebels, Daniel works in the family tavern and eavesdrops on Redcoat officers. He soon learns how to slip across British lines and becomes a messenger and spy, bringing vital news of the enemy to his father, and even to General Washington. To do so puts Daniel’s life in danger. But, to a Patriot, liberty is well worth any risk.

For the teacher’s guide, click here:
Daniel at the Siege of Boston, Teacher's Guide.pdf


Judy, Prisoner of War

Scholastic, 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1338185232

Join Judy on her incredible journey from puppy to soldier to POW as she narrates her story of survival and heroism. This "dog's-eye view" takes readers into the heart of the naval action of WWII and will leave you cheering for Judy and her human companions as they overcome countless obstacles and prove time and again why a dog really is man's best friend.

Stubby, Hero Pup of World War I

Scholastic, 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1338185256

Meet Stubby: a stray pup who was taken in by a group of American soldiers-in-training and soon found himself whisked off to the frontlines of World War I as the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment! Stubby served bravely by his soldiers' sides for 18 months and became a hero when he saved his regiment from a surprise gas attack, and again when he singlehandedly caught an enemy German soldier in No Man's Land.