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Generate Excitement in Reading and Writing

My most popular programs:

Ordinary Kids, Extraordinary Adventures

I bring history to life with the weird, wacky stories that don’t make it into the history textbooks. Did a broken egg really save the Colonial rebellion? How did a knife and fork get an American soldier arrested in war-torn France?  And which amazing American woman built a roller coaster in her backyard and said riding it was just like flying? Includes a discussion of where ideas come from and how to draw on history and the world around us to create both fiction and nonfiction.

Topics include research techniques, establishing setting, and creating compelling scenes and characters. Along the way I stress the tools of good writing, such as using descriptive detail, strong nouns and verbs, and “show, don’t tell.” 

Best for grades 3 and up.

You Should Meet!

Based on my biographies written for emerging readers, this presentation for younger readers (Grades K-3) presents inspiring people who made their dreams come true. Whether you want to win Olympic gold medals, blast off into space, or twirl across a stage, all you need is belief in yourself and the support of friends and family to make your own dreams come true.  

Along the way I talk about doing research, getting your facts right, and creating entertaining nonfiction stories.

Best for grades K-3


I love Skype! It can’t replace an in-person visit, but it’s the next best thing.  I can provide an in-depth (45-60 minute) program for a fee. I also do FREE Skype Q-and-A sessions for classes, book clubs, and scout troops that have read at least one of my books.

Fees: My standard fee for a full day of 3-4 presentations is $1,200 plus travel expenses. Discounts available for multi-day visits.

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Free Skype Visits!

I offer free 20-30 minute Q and A’s for classes, book clubs, and scout troops that have read at least one of my books. E-mail me to set up a date and time.